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LeWeb Videos : 3 new releases


- Tony Hsieh

His book will be released in a few weeks "Delivering Happiness a path to profit, Passion and Purpose"
Discover his amazing success with Zappos.com watch his 2009 keynote at LeWeb.

- Our best speaker ever! Yossi Vardi

Be ready for the most entertaining 20 minutes of LeWeb'09....all about the universal social network!

- Russia Roundtable

Get an update of this fast moving and evolving market with the analysis of the key internet people there from Ozon, Yandex and investors Almaz Capital and Kite Ventures.

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LeWeb talks on YouTube and iTunes


LeWeb in 2009 was followed live in video by more than 220,000 people on our live stream, yes 220,000!
We started publishing the LeWeb'09 keynotes on YouTube so that you can see again some talks you liked and make them available to anyone.
Make sure you subscribe to the LeWeb YouTube channel.
You can also get them all on iTunes by pointing it to this link.

2010 very first sponsors

We are delighted to annouce the 3 very first sponsors @LeWeb'10.
You know them... they've been with us for years now!
Thank you Freddy, Toufik and Fabrice!

in the DemoZone
Tequila Rapido
Press Lounge Sponsor
Cabinet Cotty Marchisio Lauzeral
Dec 8th Welcome Breakfast sponsor




LeWeb is going back to Les Docks on Dec 8th and 9th 2010

By December 2009 in its sixth year, LeWeb grew to 2500 participants, 50 countries, 300 journalists, 15,000 tagged photos on flickr,
and thousands of tweets and blog posts!

We're are pleased to announce that Paris will once again become the center of the Internet on Dec 8th and 9th, 2010.

LeWeb is going back to Les Docks

For those who were there in 2007, you must remember those 3 buildings where we expect to create again for this year an unique 2-days mini campus experience...

Mark your calendars for Dec 8th and 9th, 2010 -  LeWeb'10.
Last year was sold out, so stay tuned, and we will email you with special offers as soon as we open registration.

Guest Post: The Hardest Thing About an Idea is to Get it Started

LeWeb has a very active official bloggers community from around the world and is proud to open its blog to guest posts from them, in addition of providing easy access to their posts about the conference. Here is a post by Vero Pepperrell from the UK.

Ryan Sarver from Twitter presenting during LeWeb 09

Last week, I was kindly invited to attend LeWeb 09 as official blogger. LeWeb is a yearly, two-day conference in Paris, which takes a deep look at the web now and in the future. It's a frenzied opportunity to meet new people, see old faces and hear great talks.

While watching the world go by at Ebbsfleet Eurostar station, (the best kept secret of European travel) before heading to Paris, it hit me that we nearly halfway through December. I started thinking back on 2009, the successes and failures I've experienced or witnessed others experience. It's been an interesting year, with a few victories, but a few scraped knees also. Then yesterday morning, in one of the first talks of LeWeb, Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder said:

"The hardest thing about an idea is to get it started"

I'll tell you a secret: I used to really hate being rubbish at something, to the point where, when I was a teenager, I wouldn't even rehearse for my vocal music classes in front of people for fear they'd hear me do something wrong. Yet I'd happily sing in concert in front of a huge crowd at the end of the year! And I didn't speak English til I was in my teens, not because I couldn't, but because I was embarrassed by my accent.

It doesn't take much to realise that nearly everyone feels that way to a varying degree; the fear of failure can paralyse us and stop us from doing things we REALLY want to do. LeWeb is filled with people who've taken that jump, who've conquered their fears, their peers' fears, or at least sidelined them long enough to give their ideas a go. Whether it's launching a startup instead of staying in a cushy-but-boring megacorp job, launching a new wacky iPhone idea or creating and manufacturing a small-run Psion-revival pocket computer.

These people and startups risk money, energy and years of their life for something they're passionate about or think might change the world (or at least make a dent of difference). They use events and conferences as an opportunity to gain visibility, get feedback on what they've created and meet existing and potential users. Needless to say, they also leave with a few bruises from those who don't "get" their idea and either say it bluntly or tweet it publicly.

Of course, only one out of five* will break even, and only a handful will become rockstars. But some of those who failed will get back up, try something else and one day, succeed.

So as we hurtle towards 2010, why not let ourselves get inspired by brave startups and self-employed ppl who've flown the nest of safety and try doing something awesome?

Hopefully, some attendees (or some of the thousands of online viewers of the LeWeb video stream) will be inspired to do something for the greater good in the process. Whether it's organising a BarCamp event, running a charity-focused event in support of 1GOAL (as presented by Queen Rania) or providing charitable organisations with free coaching, share your wisdom with others.

As Gary Vaynerchuk said, in his usual blunt way, "Everybody's got a shot, I don't care if you are in Sillicon Valley or in France" (See his talk here) As Gary has done, from being co-owner of a New Jersey wine shop to becoming a web celeb, he's shown us that with enough passion and drive, we can achieve just about anything.

Talking about driving... Heading down to Ebbsfleet station, I couldn't help but be amused that it was a fairly leisurely drive, albeit one involving some of the busiest motorways in the country. Two years ago, the thought of having to drive down the M25 gave me cold sweats. I could have gone on to avoid driving like I had done until I was 25, but I reluctantly went through the scary challenge of driving lessons (it was scary in my eyes, alright!?) A few years on, I couldn't be happier that I'm on the other side of it all. In hindsight, the hardest thing was to get started.

We all need to occasionally tackle a few fears or go above what we believe we can achieve right here and right now. It takes a while, trudging through how frustratingly bad we are at something at first, but then... oh THEN we feel like we've really achieved something great!

What will YOU do with 2010?

To read more from other LeWeb official bloggers, visit the aggregated posts page - with most of them doing a far better job summarising the event than I have done!

[* Stat entirely pulled out of thin air to be representative, don't quote me on that one and see the experts for real stats]

[Photo credit: LeWeb 09 by Blogowski on Flickr, Creative Commons license]

Vero Pepperrell

Guest Post: PeekFON, Ribbit, Nokia N900 and Startups Videoed at LeWeb Conference in Paris

LeWeb has a very active official bloggers community from around the world and is proud to open its blog to guest posts from them, in addition of providing easy access to their posts about the conference. Here is a post by Charbax (Nicolas Charbonnier) from Denmark.

Again this year, LeWeb conference in Paris France was a 2-day gathering of high-class tech bloggers, web specialists and companies from around the world. It was a great opportunity for me as a tech video-blogger at my site http://techvideoblog.com to pick up my camera and do some interviews of some of those bloggers and interesting new startups. Here are my best videos from LeWeb:

Charbax video-blogs in HD quality since 2004 and recently started ARMdevices.net to aggregate all his videos and news about the ARM powered laptops, tablets and phones that are coming out. He also admins the world's largest Archos community and updates a video-blog on the OLPC project.

Video: LeWeb participants about 2010 trends

FormatWeb has a very good video interview of participants around the World about their 2010 predictions. In this video: What is the web going to be in 2010 for you ? Answers by Robin Wauters, Arkady Volozh, Korben, Pablo Melchor, Robert Scoble, Vinvin, David Hornik, Eric Dupin, Jeremy Wenokur, Juan Lopez-Valcarcel, Pierre Chapaz, Ouriel Ohayon, Tony Hsieh, Christophe Pelletier & Loic Le Meur

LeWeb interviews. The Web in 2010 ? from FormatWeb on Vimeo.

Guest Post: Why Do We Need Things Like LeWeb?

LeWeb has a very active official bloggers community from around the world and is proud to open its blog to guest posts from them, in addition of providing easy access to their posts about the conference. Here is a post by Alex Barrera from Spain.

Being an entrepreneur you soon learn that people like us are rare. It's hard to find them among the usual population, specially cause we account for a very small percentage of it. Nevertheless, this percentage of entrepreneurs slightly varies from country to country. US for example has a very high percentage of entrepreneurs if you compare it with my home country Spain, who has close to none.

Because it's hard to find us, we tend to move around a great deal, or at least we try. In the US though, this concept of moving around is something natural. Most Americans move at least 3 times among different cities and many professionals go back and forth between both coasts regularly. For most of them, this is something, not only natural, but essential. It's something we, in Europe, aren't used at all. Most Europeans only travel either during holidays or for a business trip. Even in those cases, most of us bring our country culture with us. That is, there are still very real frontiers in peoples minds across Europe, even though from multiple angles (law, economy, etc.), Europe is finally one. Still, old habits die hard.

In my experience, most cases of cultural blindness are prompt from a lack of travelling. Even though most EU countries are very close (much closer than San Francisco from New York City for example), people see travelling there like an ordeal, like something close to an adventure.

So, why are things like LeWeb so important? Basically, LeWeb brings together not only Europeans, but plenty of other people from other countries like the US, China, Argentina, etc. During 2 days you can encounter people from hundreds of different countries, people who share, in most cases, your same interests. But this is nothing new, international conferences have existed for ages. What's new for me is that now, thanks to plenty of social media tools, we are able to maintain those worldwide connections alive, even years after the conference took place. What I'm seeing is a convergence of entrepreneurs in Europe. I feel closer to my European peers now than what I felt 3 years ago.

Finally, the Internet is breaking the cultural barriers and history heritage that for so long has separated people in Europe. Finally, different cultures are working together to keep those links alive. Finally, we are starting to be one, and not many.

For all that, for that incredible experience, for enabling Europeans spread their love all over the world, thank you LeWeb, thank you Loic and Geraldine and thank you all, citizens of the world, who by coming together are enabling an incredible world flattening experience.

Alex Barrera is an entrepreneur based in Madrid, Spain, founder at Inkzee.com and cofounder of TetuanValley, an entrepreneur tech incubator based in Madrid for global entrepreneurs.

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