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France Info interviews LeWeb founder Loic Le Meur (video)

Leading French radio France info interviewed Loic about this years edition and also captured it in video (in French). Thank you David Abiker and Jerome Colombain for having us on your show and see you both at LeWeb, we are thrilled to have France Info as media partner this year.

Guest Post: LeWeb, Not For Independent Professionals?

LeWeb has a very active official bloggers community from around the world and is proud to open its blog to guest posts from them. Here is a post by Erno Hannink from the Netherlands

For independent professionals LeWeb is not the conference to go to. LeWeb is a tech conference. So only if you are interested in tech you should go visit this event in Paris in the cold (last year we even had snow). Or is this incorrect?

LeWeb is an international event, with speakers from Europe and the US. You can meet and connect with 2.000 attendees from 46 countries. The presentations do cover a lot of tech stuff, but there is more. For example, last year we were inspired by a conductor, a live winelibrary.tv, Chris Anderson and more. LeWeb is about people, meet the speakers, entrepreneurs meet investors and lots of networking. In the Demo Zone you can learn about some great new products and services that you can use in your daily business. At the startup competition you can learn from the entrepreneurs how to pitch or maybe how not to pitch.

This year LeWeb will help you to see how you can use the Real-Time Web to make friends. To help your potential customers on the web. To see them more as friends, connect on Twitter or Facebook. Do you need to be constantly on both platforms or is one enough for your business? Do you need to build your own network on Ning? Can you use live video like ustream to connect? Is LinkedIn more than an online rolodex? Questions like that will be asked during LeWeb.

Social Media is a great tool for independent professionals to connect with their target customers. By writing informative and useful content for your target clients you can become an expert. No longer do you need news papers, magazines, radio or TV to do this. Will the real-time web help you to get connected better to your target audience?

Brands and marketing use the real-time word of mouth. Large companies use the real-time web as a public customer service, they are listening live to their focus groups. Brands like Ford, Dell and Zappos are doing this with great success. In the Netherlands we see UPC and Vodafone proactively answering customers on Twitter. Get the real-time web, work at it and see the positive effects on your business.

For independent professionals this also means using the mobile internet to be always on. With smart phones we can be in touch and listen to our clients all the time. Not just one-on-one but one to many. Help people and build your social capital or Whuffie, that is easier if YOU are the business. You can decide instantly and reply right away. That is often a lot faster than what the large brands can do.

So, yes, LeWeb is a conference with a lot of tech. However, if you listen in the right way you can learn a lot here as an independent professional. From LeWeb I will show the effects of the real-time web for the marketing of independent professionals. I will create videos with some of the speakers to make this translation for my readers. Like this video from last year with Gary Vaynerchuk.

What about entrepreneurs and the tech industry in the Netherlands you are asking? Let me share 3 examples from Holland:

  • Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real-time digital information on top of reality. It is a mobile augmented reality browser.
  • MobyPicture lets you directly share your photos, videos, and more with all your friends on your social networks.
  • My Name is E enables you to collect your accounts on social networks in one spot, and share them by using your mobile phone.

Are you already using these services from Holland? Try them, they are free to use.

Talk to you from Paris.

Erno Hannink helps independent professionals to use social media to get more clients. He writes on his Dutch blog enthousiasmeren.nl about the internet, marketing, blogging, social media. Enthousiasmeren translates as 'making people enthusiastic'. He's also the author of the book 'Let the clients come to you' and the initiator of WordCampNL and the Social Media Club Amsterdam.

Guest Post: Between Two Worlds -- Learning From the Net

LeWeb has a very active official bloggers community from around the world and is proud to open its blog to guest posts from them. Here is a post by Christian Leu from Switzerland.

On the global map Switzerland is only a small dot. Here we march to the beat of a different drum and traditions are enduring. The things one does, one usually does always the same way over a long period of time. In most cases innovations emerge because clever entrepreneurs take care of a solution to a problem. If you meet small business owners who proudly deliver all high-end composites for the Alinghi yacht or “Solar Impulse”, you usually encounter very humble people. Once they are successful, however, many companies lose the basis for their success, i.e. their innovative strength.

If you work in a company with a 500 million Euros turnover and 4,500 employees worldwide, you may at times remember the fact that here, too, products were once innovations. Technologies were shaped and solutions were invented and developed. One crossed the borders between mechanics, electro-mechanics and electronics and combined the best of all areas. Twenty years later, these same innovators have a fixed focus. They don’t think outside the box and try to see new combinations; they only do the things that have been successful. They created many things and are now resting on their laurels instead of questioning whether it is still the right thing to do.

This is where the marvelous world of LeWeb and its participants comes into play. A world that I enjoy seeing from the outside as an observer, and where many established companies are able to get new impulses. You meet others, get impulses; you try to reinvent the wheel all over again and to combine new technologies off-line, on-line and in many different ways and always new. Let’s take Amazon as an example, with Kindle and its always-on internet. In 20 years all devices will have this integrated internet access. The world will be the net. With time, many of the companies that embrace these innovations today will then take them for granted.

If you live in these two parallel worlds, on the one side the world with continuance, always doing things the same way, and you observe on the other side a world inventing itself over and over again, you notice this enormous gap. How do you get companies where collaboration between different locations around the world consists mainly of exchanging documents by email and where their own servers are still used as status symbols to open up to the new technologies developing on the other side?

Will startup companies such as Supertext, who are spontaneously sponsoring the translation of this text from German to English for my blog leumund.ch, still be this flexible or will they be part of the establishment where this is no longer necessary?

Time will tell, but don’t forget these words even in 20 years. Let’s never stand still.

Christian Leu, aka leumund, has been blogging about all sorts of things in life and society that have to do with technology, environment, business and consumption since 2001. His day job is that of a techno traveling salesman: sales manager for Eastern Europe on behalf of a private enterprise. He lives in Switzerland without his dog and with a view of the Alps from his bed.

LeWeb launches its iphone app with live video from ustream world premiere by @mobileroadie

 Get your iphones now and search LeWeb to get our iphone app that our friends at Mobile Roadie created for us in partnership with our streaming partner Ustream.

We think it's just awesome but tweet us what you think, here are the main features:
-get a live feed of the LeWeb stage as it happens on your iphone (a premiere!) with ustream
-latest news and tweets from/about LeWeb
-all the agenda with details from all the sessions and you can checkin to say you are going
-integrated chat and you can tweet/facebook your comments directly from the app
-find details about ANY participant and their twitter names to contact them (that is going to come handy for networking)
-maps of the venue and where everything is (it is a huge venue and lots of spaces to discover this year, like amazing coffee from Nespresso for example)
-photos and links, archived video sessions

Mobile Roadie has create a very impressive app for us and we would like to thank the entire team, especially Michael Schneider and Sean Percival who will both be on stage at LeWeb to show off the app and more.

Here is what Leena Rao at TechCrunch wrote about it and a video that demoes the app, see you in Paris and if you are not in Paris you will feel like you are with us from the comfort of your iphone!

Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey will open LeWeb with the his new Square startup demo

The first public demo in front of nearly 2,000 participants of LeWeb of Jack Dorsey's new startup Square will happen in Paris on Dec 9th at 0940. LeWeb will be streamed live with our awesome partner Ustream so you will be able to follow it in video as it happens.

(pic, TechCrunch's MG Siegler)

With Square, Jack wants to let anyone quickly and easily accept physical credit card payments from their mobile phone thanks to a little device that reads the credit card and attaches to the microphone jack. There is more details over at TechCrunch and also a video.

We wish the best to Jack and can't wait to have him on stage open the conference with us. See you in Paris, if you have not registered yet you might want to register real fast as we will be completely sold out very soon.

1,800 participants at LeWeb will enjoy workshops with Twitter, Facebook, Google, Nokia, PayPalX, Six Apart, Seesmic and Danone

Where else can you get up to 3 hours dive in the realtime web with Twitter, Facebook, Google, Nokia, PayPalX, Six Apart, Seesmic and even Danone? A unique opportunity to join the 1,800 participants of LeWeb this year in Paris (almost sold out btw you should register fast if you want to join us) who have decided to learn about the realtime web (see the program).

Why does it matter? Because the realtime web is full of new opportunities and there has never been an intense innovation phase in the web history such as the one happening now. To get your company ready for the opportunities and learn about the cool apps you can code there is nothing better than participating in up to 3 hours workshops with some of our partners this year.

Where else can you go and meet Ryan Sarver head of platform of Twitter, Ethan Beard head of platform of Facebook, Patrick Chanezon evangelist at Google, the OVI team at Nokia, the Paypal platform team and surprises from our friends at Danone communities.   

Oh and stay tuned for more surprises from our awesome partners, meet also Microsoft, Orange, PearlTrees, HiMedia, TF1, Nespresso, AirFrance, TechCrunch, Six Apart, BT, Paris Developpement, AGF, Shopping.com, Ustream, Hotelaparis, TequilaRapido, Goojet, Wellington Partners, Ning, Cabinet Cotty Vivant Marchisio & Lauzeral, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Cap Digital, Answers.com, Fred & Farid, CRM Company, Neotelecoms, Mobile Roadie, Withings, Netvibes, Altaide, The BOBs, LCI, 20minutes, La Tribune, France Info, Goom, Business Wire, IAB France, the Next Web, Traveling Geeks and Amiando.

LeWeb program announced with 1400 participants already signed up - are you coming?

LeWeb is proud to announce today our program for this year. Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Marissa Mayer & Chad Hurley of Google, Jack Dorsey inventor of Twitter and 1,400 other participants will join, how about you?

Some highlights:

  • Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will speak at noon on Dec 10th
  • The Real Time Web theme will be front and center right from the first morning with Jack Dorsey (inventor of Twitter) opening the event, followed by announcements from Microsoft, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn and Ustream.
  • Mobile applications are red hot these days - we have a full panel with some of the best developers in the space including Shazam, Tapulous, SGN and others.
  • Get ready for an avalanche of news with Google's Marissa Mayer who returns to keynote again at Le Web this year.
    Also keynoting are Skype founder and partner at Atomico Niklas Zennstrom and YouTube's founder and visionary Chad Hurley
  • Meet the best of Europe with Brent Hoberman, Marten Mickos, Marc Simoncini, Martin Varskavsky -- all of whom have founded leading European startups.
  • Learn about new regions and meet entrepreneurs from around the world. 
    Our Middle East Panel has been curated by LeWeb longtime friend Joi Ito. A Middle East Panel
    moderated by a Japanese friend -- how logical, right?
    Our Russia Panel has been prepared by Jennifer Schenker
  • Hear the latest community best practice with Chris Brogan and Chris Pirillo, and check out our brands panel featuring the best experts on the planet from Dell and the World Economic Forum
  • Get deep in the Twitter ecosystem with our Twitter Apps and RealTime Search panels
  • Always learn something new and unexpected with Timothy Ferriss, Violet Blue, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Hsieh... who just sold his company, Zappos, to Amazon for... about a billion dollars.
  • Europe versus Silicon Valley was a heated conversation last year. In addition to the traditional Gillmor Gang closing the conference, this year we will hold a European Gang just before Gillmor.  Prepare for the sparks to fly.
  • And get deep into Google, Nokia, Facebook, PaypalX, Twitter, Six Apart with their Workshops & Garage
    sessions scheduled during the 2 days.

    1,400 participants are already signed up, are you joining us? Register here


STARTUP COMPETITION - Selected companies and judges

As in the past, the LeWeb start-up competition provides a platform for Europe's hot new start-ups to present their business and technology to some of the most influential players in the technology market.

This year LeWeb Startup Competition is co-organized with TechCrunch Europe


The most difficult part of selecting companies for the LeWeb Start-up Competition is that we cannot accept all of the great 135 companies that submit applications.

This year the selection was finally  reduced to 16 companies in order to give more time for Q&A with the judges and the audience.

The competition will take place in the StartUp Room ( 400 seats ) on Dec 9th during LeWeb.

Schedule will be posted soon.

You'll be able to meet each company in the StartUp Competition Lounge where they will all have a DemoPod.

List by alphabetical order.

1. CloudSplit
2. FitnessKeeper, Inc.
3. FriendBinder
4. Kukunu
5. Mendeley
6. Shutl
7. Siteheart Inc.
8. Sokoz
9. Sports Predictions
10. Storific
11. Stribe
12. Superfeedr
13. task.ly
14. The hyper words company
15. Wordy
16. Yeasty Mobs


The judges for the startup competition this year will be:

Nelly Barbault - Project Manager - Paris Development
Matthieu Baret - Partner - AGF Private Equity
Roberto Bonanzinga - Partner - Balderton Capital
Laurent Chiozzotto - Program Manager - Sun Start-Up Essentials
Jeff Clavier - Founder & Managing Partner - SoftTech VC
Julien Codorniou - Business Development Manager - Microsoft BizSpark
Jean-Louis Constanza - CEO - Orange Vallee
Saul Klein - Partner -Index Ventures
Guillaume Lautour - Partner - AGF Private Equity
Dave McClure - Startup Investor & Troublemaker
Thomas Serval - Directeur de la division Plateforme et Ecosystème  - Microsoft France
Mike Sigal - President & Chief Development Officer -Guidewire Group
Bjorn Kvarby - Head of International Business - Shopping.com
Stephane Folliet - European Business Development -Shopping.com

Startup Competition sponsors


Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah at LeWeb on Dec 10th 2009

Her Majesty the Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan will speak at LeWeb Paris on December 10th.
After President Shimon Peres, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Designer Philippe Starck and Author Paulo Coelho we are honored to announce that Her Majesty will be our guest speaker from the non-tech universe at LeWeb this year. It's a LeWeb tradition to be inspired by world class leaders and thinkers who share with us their agenda and how social software helps them."Rania is a monarch on a mission" as LeWeb speaker Michael Arrington says (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/10/30/actual-royalty-to-join-social-media-royalty-at-le-web-2009/), and we are confident the LeWeb community will not only enjoy Her Majesty's presence with us but also help her many initiatives to fight child abuse, advocate for access to quality, global education for children and cross-cultural Dialogue.
Her Majesty the Queen Rania is also very active in the social software space with a million followers on Twitter (http://twitter.com/queenrania), a very popular Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/QueenRania) and YouTube channel (http://www.YouTube.com/QueenRania).
We cannot wait to listen to Her Majesty.
See you in Paris.


10% LeWeb discount code for Techmeme readers

Join us in Paris on dec 9-10 and use the TECHMEME discount code to get 10% off. LeWeb will gather this year again 1,800 participants from 30 Countries.

We can't wait to see you there, check out the confirmed speakers and stay tuned for our upcoming program announcement.

Register here with your discount code.

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