'09 Program Theme

The theme for the 2009 LeWeb Program is "REAL-TIME WEB"



The real time web is taking the world by storm! Twitter has grown exponentially in one year with an extremely simple service that does only one thing keep you in touch with what your friends are doing, in real time. Facebook entirely redesigned its most important assets, its home page and opened its feed to third parties.
Given the growth of the Twitter and Facebook ecosystems with thousands of applications and new uses, startups as well all major players are adapting their services to compete in this environment. There was the static web, the social web and now here comes a new web: the real-time web.

This year’s program will address such hot topics as,
Who will win the Twitter vs. Facebook battle?
How are the other giants Google, Microsoft and MySpace reacting?
How does this impact mobile and iphone usage and development?
Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs in the real-time ecosystem?
How brands and marketing have to adapt to this new worldwide real time “word of mouth”.  
What is the new public customer service?
How do media and news sources reinvent themselves, or embrace the phenomenon and profit from it. And much more….

Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs in the real-time ecosystem?
Hundreds of applications for Twitter, iphone and Facebook are created every week. Which are the most popular and why? How do they differentiate themselves?

How brands and marketing have to adapt to this new worldwide real time “word of mouth”.
The brands that are not listening to this new “live focus group” are already losing ground to their competitors. Ford, Dell, Intel, BestBuy and many other large brands are not only monitoring what is being said about them, but they proactively answer their customers. They are getting more creative about how to benefit from the real time web and as a result are seeing a positive impact on their businesses. LeWeb will showcase the best use cases like Zappos.

Why is the realtime web so popular with celebrities & politicians?

The importance of building a community has surpassed traditional marketing and advertising efforts. People and brands who have real communities are winning the race. How can you create a community? How do you grow it and get good guidance along the way? What are the most active and best communities, and why?

What are the best community building and realtime web tools?
LeWeb will showcase the best tools in an atelier environment where participants will learn how to use them.

What's happening in Europe, best europeans startups and entrepreneurs.

Mobility: get it now, immediately
The phone has transformed into a multi faceted tool. What are the new mobile usages/business opportunities, etc? Does anybody use them just to make calls anymore? What are the latest iPhone applications stars? The battle of the market places: following Apple's lead all manufacturers have launched their marketplaces, can they challenge Apple?

The Free culture
The free culture vs. virtual ownership and micro and instant payments.
For this generation of consumers online = free and freedom.
How hard is it for a company to develop a sustainable business model around these new behaviors that are clearly the next models?

Building the new business models
The new market of virtual goods and payments is becoming real-time. We are building a new economy of virtual ownership. Through buying virtual goods to gift to friends, avatars on social networks, etc. What are the opportunities for the next generation of virtual goods? What is the new definition of a customer?

Buying is one click away
Micro and instant payments via text message, or online micro payment. The click and buy effect. Where are opportunities to make money in this space?

The Real-Time web through the eyes of “Generation Young”
As the next generation enters the workforce, they have a whole different set of expectations around technology.  They did not just recently embrace the “concept” of the real-time web.  For many, it’s all they’ve ever known!  
How do companies cope with the demands for instant messaging, access to social networking sites, etc., and maintain their IT security infrastructure? How has this generation been affected by “growing up online.”  What are the pros and cons?  What does this mean for the up and coming generation of entrepreneurs certain to develop the next iteration of The Web. 


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