Jean-Marie Hullot

Founder & CEO

Jean-Marie Hullot got his PhD in Computer Science from Paris University.

He joined NeXT in 1987. He was one of the main designer of the NeXTStep user interface and of the NeXTStep Application Kit. He became CTO of NeXT and stayed there until it was acquired by Apple in 1996.

Back to France in 1997, he focused his energy on identifying new innovative technologies. He helped various french scientists teams to create their own startups and was advisor to the President of INRIA for technology transfert.

  In 2001 Steve Jobs asked him to come back to Apple as CTO of the Applications Division. Based in Paris, he was leading a team focused on mobile technologies in general and mobile phones in particular.

 Currently, he is the CEO of Fotonauts, the company behind Fotopedia a collaborative photo encyclopedia and the very popular iPhone and iPad application Fotopedia Heritage.

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