Marco Kaiser

Director, Desktop Platform
Marco Kaiser has worked in the internet industry for almost 15 years now.
During that time, he enabled various companies to leverage the opportunities of the then-emerging Web, and helped them to build anything from websites to full-fledged web applications. Even while working as a consultant most of the time, he always got his hands on code and stayed in touch with the latest technologies.

In 2007, Marco developed twhirl, one of the first desktop clients for the
fast-growing microblogging service Twitter, as a side-project. Gaining a
large number of users quickly, it became the most popular Twitter client
within months. Just about half a year after its initial public release,
twhirl was acquired by Seesmic, a San Francisco based startup company
founded by Loic Le Meur. Marco joined the Seesmic team and is in charge for
the development of their desktop clients. He leads the development of
Seesmic Desktop, the successor of twhirl, which enables users to experience
both Twitter and Facebook in a powerful client, right on their desktop.

Marco is 34 years old and lives near Hamburg, Germany with his family.

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